[Un]masterclass – Failing Design

We would like to share with you the top 3 points from our retrospective (What went well, What did not go well, What can be done better) that was done during our debrief after the session on 17th Feb 2022 night.


  1. It’s difficult to facilitate and participate.
  2. It’s nice not to play pretend.
  3. We need more time for participants to engage.

Timeline Retrospective

This was an interesting session for all of us. Where we experience a different way of learning as we toss the usual format of speaking from slides and theories. Utilizing timeline retrospective of our own journey in navigating the design of session 102 [Un]Masterclass. We can showcase how a good plan could fail if we do not have enough communication prior to the session.

Start, Stop, Continue

Introducing another retrospective activity called ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ , we can all work towards improving in future with some action based consideration on what should be done. Applying a reflective approach from observing our conversations, attendees can observe the in depth conversation amongst the team of The Collab Folks. Which is a true live example and case study is possibly happening in your everyday lives.

Some of the  ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ from the team at TCF

– Start to sound out discomfort quickly
– Start defining what is a good [Un]Masterclass from the perspective of the facilitators and participants
– Start to ask for help when needed, even if we think we might need it

– Stop being overly cautious with each other

– Stop focusing solely on the $ key results

– Stop putting reliance on only 1 team member

– Continue to keep showing up

– Continue to practice, given the diversity we have in the team

– Continue to air our laundry for others to see and to learn from it

Zucchini, Zucchini, Zucchini

Ready for More?

Ready for more? Coming up on 17th March, Failing Leadership

Teams don’t fail, leaders do

The ideal of the high-performing team has become the new corporate unicorn. If only teams are high-performing, the customers will be delighted, shareholders will be satisfied and managers will get their bonuses.

However, how does one develop high-performing teams?

It is through effective leadership.

In this [Un]masterclass, we will explore dysfunctional leadership, so that you have the opportunity to learn effective leadership.

Join us to Unlearn, Undo, Unpossible at https://tcf-unmasterclass-17mar22.peatix.com/ 

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