The Collab Folks Newsletter – Feb 2023

In our last update, we reviewed three important themes from 2022: playing and learning, emotions, thoughts, communication, and movement.

Since then, we have some new information to share. The Collab Folks v7.0 will focus on two activities this year with two partners. First, we are bringing back our internal learning dojo where we can practise with invited guests about “learning how to learn” led by Andre. Secondly, we will work on expanding our signature Cowtopia series for public and client events, while preparing for a more in-depth research project led by Michael.

Updates from Andre:

I have gained more clarity of what are my strengths and skills that I would like to focus more on. Embracing my creative nature of being innovative in times of uncertainty. With this in mind, I will channel most of my energy to work towards human skills that will allow me to grow an experience as we move forward to a more digital world.

I am glad to know that I have a small but real circle of friends who help and guide me in times of difficulty. With that being said, I have gotten the opportunity to be on my way to be a certified agile trainer. Combining the agile mindset with my design thinking skills, I am certain that this will be very beneficial and essential to the coming times.

I hope to show up more and find a community that I can input more time to develop so that there’s a common space to learn and grow with like minded people.

Updates from Michael:

I am grateful for the opportunity to once again participate in Ride for Baan Dada. Since my involvement began in 2016, a group of dedicated friends and I have been able to make a tangible impact through the funds raised. These funds have directly helped 18 children receive their university or technical education in fields ranging from music, nursing, humanities, teaching, medicine, and veterinary.

My work as the main community steward for #ProductTonic will come to a close at the end of 2023. Wrapping up a decade of work holding space for many individuals and groups requires a fair amount of energy and it’s been an enlightening experience. Beginning the steps to let go has also been helpful to process my own resistances!

I have also joined a team of coaches who specialise in helping organisations succeed in change, transformation, and innovation through teamwork. This work focuses on helping individuals and teams develop the skills they need to reach their goals, rather than just giving advice or delivering solutions. This helps connect us to like-minded individuals who wish to work collaboratively.

As we enter 2023, which is uncertain for many, we have set three main goals for the year:

  • Learn how to learn
  • Taking a pause
  • Self-Expression and Growth

This year, we will share workshops from experts in our network who we have learned from over the years. We hope you find these resources helpful in your own learning journey.

Check out the upcoming learning adventures

Learn How to Learn

16 Feb : Draw Together: Your Vision (Online)

Are you ready to visualize your 2023? What seeds would you like to plant for this new year? Let’s draw it out With Tim Hamons!

Use promo code “FEBDRAW” to attend free!

23-24 Feb : Foundation of change management methodologies (Singapore)

Inertia and resistance to change is a deep human trait. Dealing with the *people side of doing business* requires structure, sincerity and great routines. 🏃‍♀️

Learn more about this workshop with Tim Wieringa at 

2 Mar : Art of Awakening Visual Facilitation Lab (Singapore)

Visual facilitation is the process of identifying, expressing, moving ideas and conversations forward using visual tools, models, and methods. Tim Hamons guides you through this highly interactive and visual approach to deliver great outcomes

6 Apr : COWTOPIA Mission to Mars: Rise of the Cowtobots (Online)

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have paved the way for huge changes in the way we work, forcing many to rethink how to remain relevant in a disrupted world.

Join Andre, Yong Lin & Michael to gain a glimpse into the future of work, and explore the potential impact of AI on your personal and professional journey. MOO Together at

8 Apr : Visual Master Class Series – Sketch Noting Essentials (Online)

Turn your communication into compelling visual stories which clarify your thinking, create connection, and boost collaboration with Tim Hamons

Use promo code “VISION38” for a 90 percent discount

Learn how to Learn : March, May, July, September, November (Online)

In these 80 minute sessions, we’ll follow a ‘learn-teach’ format where members take turns sharing a topic and receiving feedback from the group in an organised manner. Hosted by Andre.

Request more information

Taking a Pause

13-15 April Product Tonic Retreat

Join us for an unforgettable retreat in the stunning island of Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

This unique event will bring together like-minded individuals for three days of open dialogue, where you can uncover the topics that matter most to you and collaborate with your peers to delve deeper into these issues.

Request more information

20 May & 18 Nov R3 Retreat (Singapore)

Are you willing to give yourself permission, to take time to pause and recalibrate? To just be, in silence, with yourself, your body and nature?

Michelle Ow guides us in this 4 hour time for yourself to reflect, rejuvenate and recharge:

Mid-Year R3 Retreat

Year-End R3 Retreat

Take a Pause, Take a Breath, Be Present, Be Well (Online)

This series is specially curated to support us with an intentional pause, to be with self and to be well; to embrace ourselves in compassion and kindness.

Full Moon Pause – Online

New Moon Pause – Online

Self-Expression and Growth

16 Feb : Satir’s Process for Change (Singapore)

“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” ~ Virginia Satir

Come and discover the power of self-expression and growth with Virginia Satir’s teachings. Register now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and change.

Learn more about this workshop with your hosts Stanly Lau, Jeanice Wong and Michael Ong 

30-31 Mar : Leading Self (Singapore)

This is a 2-day educational workshop with a focus on building your psychological strengths and skills through the six phases: making contact, validating, facilitating awareness, promoting acceptance, making change and reinforcing change. You will gain greater awareness about your own behaviour, inner process and choices and learn more about yourself and relationships. The aim is to use your new learning to help you function in an emotionally healthy manner.

Learn more about this workshop:

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or feedback, do arrange a time to speak with us. 

Best Regards,
Andre & Michael
The Collab Folks – Explore | Collab | Evaluate

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