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Michael has spent 20 years consulting in the tech space, delivering a spectrum of projects for Mobile Payments, Logistics Tracking & Surveying, Cleaning Inspection, Merchant Monitoring, Online E-Commerce and Real Estate Portals.

He works with startups to MNCs in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Denmark & Lithuania. Michael specialises in helping companies and product teams with product strategy and development, agile practices and user experience.

Michael is passionate about helping founders & teams chart a path towards growth and currently provides product team facilitation & coaching.



In his spare time between work, Michael is often on his bicycle discovering new things about the places he visits and curates a Bicycl story application (Bicycl.Asia – Our Story). Quite a few people have wondered why he often starts talking about cycling first and he shares his views in an interview on InfoQ : Cycling and Agile and the Value of UX

Speaking Engagements

Michael speaks on the topic of Product Management, User Experience and Agility.
He is active member of Agile Singapore and co-organiser of UX Singapore and Product Works (aka #ProductBeer), the latter of which brings together product teams.
Travelling frequently for work & cycling. He is often found in meetups/conferences like Agile Malaysia, Agile Indonesia, Agile Philippines PM Huddle, Product PH, UXPH.

Intended Audience
Business Executives, Startup Founders, Designers, Developers, Product Managers


2011 to present

  • Actively Mentors Startup Founders in Business Agility and Product Management
  • Conducts Workshops for Product, User Experience & Agile teams

March 2017 – Jakarta Agile Product Management Open Space
April 2017 – Bandung Agile Product Management Open Space
April 2017 – Bandung Agile Product Managements at GITS and WGS
July 2017 – Agile & User Experience for Engineers presented at Agile Indonesia Conference 2017
July 2017 – Agile Product Management presented at Geekcamp Indonesia 2017

8th October, 2016 – User Experience for Product Managers presented at Agile Singapore Conference 2016

https://engineers.sg/video/user-experience-for-product-managers-agile-singapore-conference-2016–1176 (VIDEO)

14th April, 2016 – Shu-Ha-Ri : Lessons learnt from building 6 companies and 101 clients presented at CHIuXid 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

12th Nov, 2014 – User Centered Design in Mobile App Development presented at Agile Singapore 2014
16th Jun, 2104 – User Centered Design in Mobile App Development presented at NUS:ISS Seminar on Enabling Mobile Enterprise

http://www.infoq.com/presentations/user-centered-agile-dev (VIDEO)

Sept 28th, 2013
– Lean in Product Management presented at ProductCamp SG #1

March 13th, 2013 – Engaging with Mobile Devices and the Impact of this on M-Commerce at eTail Asia 2013 Panel

Sept 2nd, 2011
– Apps to Extend E-Commerce to M-Commerce presented at Apps World Asia