A very big thank you for joining the first-ever [Un]Masterclass – Failing OKR

We would like to share with you the temperature reading (Link) that was done during our debrief session last night.

Temperature reading [try this for yourself too!]:
– We are appreciative that the 4 facilitators came together and made this ídea possible. We are also greatly appreciative of all the attendees that turn up and engage in the session. The feedback and observations will be super helpful for us to continue improving [Un]Masterclass as we seek to deliver value in uniquely creative ways and make learning fun. 
New Information
– Some of the new information gathered was that Mul can role play very well, Andre could draw, Nas started coaching the team during the session,  people try to put something measurable into objective – reconfirms experience…
– We were wondering if this session helped participants understand OKR more or confused them further. We want to know how the attendees can get more value from this session. We are also wondering how everyone will bring this experience back to their work and teams.
Worry w/recommendations
– Can we still study dysfunction w/o OKR? The next session is on 17th Feb which is coming up soon, will we be able to deliver better? Design was a topic suggested by someone.
Hopes and wishes
– We hope that this will continue to get better and we will reach out to more attendees coming together to play. 

How many OKR Anti-Patterns can you spot from your team?
– Gantt chart in OKR form, links to an artificial timeline
– Unambitious Objectives
– Tying performance ratings to OKRs
– Vanity metrics as KRs
– Unmeasurable KRs / fluffy KRs
– Using OKRs to promote a hidden agenda
– Having too many O or KRs, leading to lack of focus
– Using Outputs as Objectives, rather than Outcomes
– Having too many objectives in a single objective
– Reverse engineering OKRs to match your backlog

Bonus points
– OKRs dictate HOW the solution / outcome is to be delivered
– Encourages more work than is necessary
– Encourages teams to over-commit
– Creates a dichotomy between business and user goals. (This creates BAU vs business goals..the team should just have one list of goals!)
– Discourages learning

OKR inspiration from the Product Narrative Blog https://www.productnarrative.co/blog

Ready for More?

Design related +1 +1! We hear you and like to share a session focused on Failing Design.

Join us to Unlearn, Undo, Unpossible at https://tcf-unmasterclass-17feb22.peatix.com/ 
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