[Un]masterclass Failing 101

“In the current world of mass digital communications, it is easy to get distracted, let’s go back to fundamentals on how teams are formed”

Andre Tan

Opening space for how we learn in team facilitation

Telling a story in a OKR way for leadership to cultivate a high-performing innovative organisation.

Stable is boring, so yesterday. The world of today and tomorrow brings massive uncertainty, risk and OPPORTUNITY. As a leader, it is IMPERATIVE to cultivate both innovation and performance to make impact, profit and WIN! But to WIN we have to LEARN, but who’s got time for that?

Enter GUAN – your one-stop-shop for nourishing your mind, soul and organization to be both innovative and high-performing. We are a GUAN/DOJO/SCHOOL for people who was to some ass in what they do – innovate, deliver, kick-ass, change the world – one step at a time and doing it with other people.

This [Un]masterclass solves the lack of intimate communication between teams

By building culture foundation in an adaptive manner for multi-cultural team, we personally and closely guide (instead of one-off workshop or training).

Sign up for the [Un]masterclass Session #1 on
Wednesday 26th Jan 2022, 8pm to 10pm SGT / 7pm to 9pm JKT

Level up at the [Un]masterclass Session 1

Session will be held online via Zoom and Miro

SGD 50.00

“The tools for learning are abundant. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce.”

Naval R.


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[Un]masterclass Failing 101