Choose your learning adventure with us in 2022

With everything that has happened in the world, it is easy to look back at 2021 as the year we would rather forget.  Thankfully, we were fortunate to work with you and our clients across a spectrum of work

  • Supporting WeCan Adademy via #COWTOPIA Community sessions.
  • Supporting Baan Dada Children’s Home via Product Tonic Lab Cohort 1 (6 month product leadership program) for Southeast Asia product community.
  • Strong partnership with SoftEd supporting training / facilitating / coaching work in Insurance, Healthcare, Banking / Finance and Government projects.
  • Continuing our client engagements in the areas of Agility, User Experience Design, Product Management, Organisational Design and Objective and Key Results (OKR).

 Across the partners, we also celebrated

  • Andre facilitating a design dialogue session, making some incredible omakase meals at Xopo Kitchen and confirming his involvement in polytechnic education. He continues to hone his fishing and patience for a good catch.
  • Mulyadi publishing a book and podcast series on OKR and achieving his ICF-ACC coaching credential. He is now working towards family coaching (for couples) and mental health coaching in organisations. 
  • Michael volunteering at Forest School Singapore and also closing a 5 year thread on ICAgile Authorised Trainer for Agile Coaching [Agile Team Facilitation, Agile Coaching, Agility in Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transitions]. He is looking at integrating his interest in neuroscience of change, somatic work and organisational development with more time in nature. 
  • Tze achieving his ICF-ACC coaching credential and ICAgile Agile Product Owner and Enterprise Product Owner. In his spare time, he is learning more about making cocktails, getting fit and building alliances. 

As we look ahead towards learning together in 2022, we hope you take some time to consider playing & moving together with us. 

Choose Your Learning Adventure with us in 2022

How to Accelerate into a Product leadership Role [Series]
Designed based on interactions with the Southeast Asia product community over the last 8 years and the latest learnings from Product Tonic Lab Cohort 1, this 4 part series dives into  

* The path to Product leadership
* The adaptive skills required to present yourself as a leader
* How to demonstrate your skills and abilities in front of people that can help propel your career.
* The balance between doing the Product job and coaching others how to do the Product job. 

Date-time: 20 January, 1200-1300 HK/SG
Follow-up deep dives on 10 Feb, 3 Mar and 24 Mar

Meet 88 participants who have signed up to learn more about the path to product leadership
[Un]masterclass – Unlearn about OKRs
OKRs, or Objectives & Key Results, is the latest trend is a long line of leadership and goal setting techniques used to nurture high-performing organizations. Created at Intel and later popularized at Google, OKRs have taken the world by storm.
It can be difficult to implement OKR in an organization. It’s not because OKR is difficult to grasp, but usually it’s because about something else.
For example, your company might already be comfortable with KPI or Balanced Score Card (BSC). Your coworkers may look at you funny if you even mention trying out OKR.
Perhaps because several of your coworkers have had bad encounters with OKR in the past. However, they did not disclose the particular reasons why OKR was unsuccessful. (The last thing you’d expect is for them to admit that they might be part of the disaster.)
Come and join this safe 2-hour exploration of being in a team where no one seems to know where it’s going. (Sounds familiar?)

Date-time: 26 January, 2000 -2200 HK/SG

Join us to unlearn what you know about OKRs
First conceived in 2016 during professional engagements to help teams learn about agility, product design and development, COWTOPIA Mission to Mars
returns after a successful online launch last year in support of WeCan Adademy.
The COWTOPIA Space Council of 12 facilitators are meeting for a MOOO-together to reflect and plan for the year ahead. 
Keep a ear out for community games in Feb, April, June, August, October and December. 
Make Meaningful Work
57 participants took part in a series of 3 workshops to learn more about Active Listening, Building Awareness and Sparking Curiousty in 2021. 

For 2022, we are planning a series of 6 x 1h sessions in the MMW Sparkle Studio to dive into Leadership to Build Healthy Character & Work Cultures.
Agile Coaching Lab
“Designing your Agile Coaching Journey” has been brewing since Scrum Coach Retreat Singapore 2015. It was iterated at DBS Meetup, Agile Vietnam 2019 and most recently guiding 93 participants from Southeast Asia in their evolving Agile Coaching journey.
This is a planned series of 4 x 1h sessions that kicks off in Q2/2022 that leads into a longer cohort based program.

Andre, Michael, Mul & Tze

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