Highlights from Agile Singapore Conference & UXSG Conference 2016

The Collab Folks took part in two major conferences in the community this year as volunteers for UXSG Conference 2016 and Michael spoke at Agile Singapore Conference 2016 about “UX for Product Managers”.

Agile SIngapore Conference 2016 (40 sessions)

Videos https://engineers.sg/conference/agile-singapore-2016
Slides https://confengine.com/agile-singapore-2016/schedule 

8 themes
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Collaboration, Culture and Teams
  • Dev. Practices and Craftsmanship
  • DevOps Enterprise Agile
  • Leadership
  • User Experience
  • Working with Customers

UX Singapore Conference 2016Keynote recordings

Conference resources

Unconference topics

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