The Collab Folks in 2021 towards 2022

A quick update on our progress this year.

We are grateful to continue the practice of checking in with each other and for our clients who trust us to coach their teams towards better results.

Since our last update in Feb 2021, the partners have worked together to facilitate

  • A public Online Agile Fundamentals workshop and a client Agile Team Facilitator workshop.
  • Two public COWTOPIA : Mission to Mars sessions were run with success in saving Planet Earth with Cows.
  • The first cohort of Product Tonic Lab for the SEA product community was launched with 24 product leaders and 7 mentors with themes around Decisions, Trust, Sustainability, Resilience, Mentorship, Ownership, Culture and Economy.
    • A portion of the proceeds from the program are contributed towards
      1. Baan Dada Childrens Home in support of the university program
      2. Vipassana Meditation centers.

This past year has been challenging for us mentally and we continue to make efforts to integrate more mindful practices into our daily routine by learning from other facilitators like Body Stories, Walk with Me, Yoga/Meditation or even a game session together.

We look forward to saying YES to more opportunities to design our interactions with client and coach teams on better ways of working in this challenging times.

Looking ahead to 2021/2022, we have some exciting ideas to bring our experience together:

  • COWTOPIA II : Sol to Proxima Centari develops skills around creating space for difficult conversations
  • Product Tonic Lab Cohort 2 further develops the SEA community around Product Leadership for the larger whole
  • Series of Agile Product Development Stories
  • Design your Agile Coaching Journey series
  • Objective and Key Results (OKR) public series
  • COWTOPIA III : develops skills around understanding product value

What the team had been up to 


A theme that colors this round of updates for me is “Day 1.”

I recently received the ACC coaching credential from ICF. I am happy to learn this has allowed me to extend my practice into a new area (e.g. mental health care at work). That feels like learning on Day 1.

Another new learning area also emerged for Product Narrative as we have started working with a tech-based logistic company. This is our first experience in that space, logistics. That feels like the second Day 1.

Finally, I thought by completing a consecutive 365-day meditation practice, I’d gain something. Instead, I gained… nothing-ness. Just like when I was about to enter Day 1.

*On top of iterating with program and game design, we have also been practicing writing with other communities. Here is our recently published ebook about OKR and work culture:


YES, finally initiated a Dialogue session (Meet-up) x 2 session

Titled: Thinking Design Beyond Aesthetic 1st & 15th March 2021

Gaining self clarity on what we know about design is essential to continue the practice in a meaningful way. To each of their own context thru this exchanging sessions.

Anchor topic of the night ‘What is Design’

Here are some lessons learnt from the session

– Design as an Intent

– Design is divided

– Design is not to be defined

– Design is interpreted

– Design is a mindset

As a result of these 2 session, I am inspired to continue this journey to facilitate more of such event. Where people with the interests on the topic of design can gather and converse openly.


I’ve recently graduated from Newfield’s 9-month Ontological coaching program, a program specifically designed to explore transformational shifts in self and others. This body of work is amazingly powerful in creating shifts that result in developing leadership presence and attaining personal and professional goals.

Next steps for me is to be ICF-ACC certified and to integrate ontological coaching with product and agile coaching in the domains of leadership, team performance, workplace health and coordinating action for outcomes.

If you’d like to know more, connect with me and drop me a message on LinkedIn!

* How Reinventing to Stay Relevant Lead to Being an Agile Great Place to Work


The Collab Folks just turned 6 years old as an idea! Back in 2015, It took a long walk along the Yarra River (Melbourne) to make the decision and another long walk at Lands End (San Francisco) to reflect on the type of work to embark upon to serve a larger whole.

As I look back on the road travelled, I’m glad for the many friends, clients and connections along the way who have walked together. Though not everyone is along the same path, to have shared the time is already a highlight.

Since the last update, my theme has been around “Recharge”. The past months has been one of reflection, letting go and reset to reconnect with nature.

I’ve been working on self-development in a few areas key to our work ahead:

In client work, I’m transitioning from a regional program developing individuals as team facilitators/coaches to coaching circle support. The SoftEd team continues to provide unique opportunities to create impact with clients in the region.

In community, Product Tonic Lab Cohort 1 kicked off with a focus on self-awareness and leadership skills bringing together my past experience in organising community events, retreats and unconferences. I’m grateful for co-facilitators, mentors and participants entering this space to raise the level of product leadership in South East Asia.

I’ve also kept busy with a long time friend to develop ODINA which focuses on Indonesia’s Every Day Creators working with the Ministry of Trade Indonesia.

I’m curious about the next steps and invitation to play and move.
Wonder who will be walking the path ahead together?

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