Enable active listening to manage challenges [Make Meaningful Work Series]

I’ve known Daniel Szuc & Josephine Wong for just over a decade. What started as a conversation about better patterns & practices for user experience maturity back in 2011 morphed into a series of interactions via the community of practices in our learning portfolios. 

Most recently since 2017, we started sharing our observations about patterns in leadership and team development via Dan & Jo’s Make Meaningful Work global research and The Collab Folks work with product teams in Southeast Asia. 

Our interactions over the years has helped shape our intention to provide a foundation for leadership development that looks at personal and professional development as part of capacity, capability and maturity. 

In 2021, we intend to lead with 3 topics close to our hearts
30th Sept [Individual] Enable active listening to manage challenges
21st October [Team] Build awareness to grow new perspectives
30th November [Organisation] Spark curiosity to connect to a bigger picture

Response was been very positive for our first facilitated session with over 45 of us learning more on the usage of #MakeMeaningfulWork Practice Spotting and enable Active Listening to Manage Challenges together.

What was surprising to participants

  • Practice spotting could be done thru normal conversations
  • How a conversation can be broken down
  • That we were able to streamline or identify specific enablers and barriers thru a simple template, it was really great!
  • Being more self aware and observing is a huge part to developing the right soft skills
  • How active this session has been and seeing all the insights
  • Eagerness of everyone to participate actively!

At the closing, I particularly enjoyed a shared quote from one of the participants Adrian K.

“Success is peace of mind that comes with the self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you were capable of becoming.”

John Wooden

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