4th Annual Product Tonic Unconference 2021

It’s been a privilege to provide stewardship for the ProductBeer and ProductTonic community over the years. When we first engaged the Product Management, Design and Agile communities in Southeast Asia since 2013 via #ProductBeer and later in 2018–present via #ProductTonic, the community has collectively explored a diverse set of topics that matter to us in the region through key learning events such as the Product Tonic Retreats, Unconferences and latest cohort in Product Tonic Lab (PTL). 

We are pleased to share that the 4th annual Product Tonic #Unconference is back on Saturday 23rd October 2021 with key themes around  
* Product Leadership
* Decisions
* Trust
* Sustainability
* Resilience
* Mentorship
* Ownership
* Culture
* Economy
* Self

Read more about the topics from previous years and details about the event here https://medium.com/product-team-tonic/product-tonic-unconference-2021-4fd2104180ad

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