Thanks to the brilliant work of the #COWTOPIA Space Council Andre TanJeremie BenazraJérôme BourgeonJocelyn KKwok Chung YewLaxman MurugappanMihaela DanciuMulyadi OeySolihin Jinata (SJ)Soma MazumderTze Chin Tang facilitating game play sessions for the community in support of We Can, we have iterated through a number of online sessions this year bringing our in-person game sessions to virtual space.

First conceived in 2016 during professional engagement to help teams learn about agility, product design and development, COWTOPIA Mission to Mars is a online game by The Collab Folks. It’s designed to help product teams learn about themselves and how agile concepts, design and product development can help them accomplish their mission. 

By approaching the learning through a serious game, we invite participants to play and experiment with their ideas.

Through the following game structures,  the game is a cooperative design requiring participants to communicate and adapt to the changing environment.

  • A very clear goal
    • Save Cows from Earth to Mars
  • Very clear rules
    • Iteration based game play with a backlog of items to be delivered
  • A way to track progress
    • Visual Management Board
  • Opt-in participation 
    • Game participants choose their roles

The game debrief provides opportunities for reflection and discussion of participants and facilitators observations.

The Facilitators of COWTOPIA decided early on that proceeds from our public community events would be gifted to a cause we believed in and we are glad to share that COWTOPIA’s gifts to We Can Academy has been received by Mei Yi (Founder of We Can).

Well done all for providing high quality education that helps kids from poor neighbourhoods broaden their future perspectives and build confidence they need to navigate the world.

“To take mistakes in stride and have a good laugh when you can”


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